Training Plans by Synergy Physiotherapy

To give everyone the best possible chance of completing this 13.1 mile challenge, Injury and Performance Partner Synergy Physiotherapy have devised Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite training plans which are free for Mercer Surrey Half Marathon participants to download.

Click the links to download your desired plan…

Beginner Training Plan
– Suitable for participants aiming for a 2hrs 30 finish time, or simply wanting to complete the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon.

Intermediate Training Plan
– Suitable for those with some previous running experience, who are aiming to achieve a good-average half marathon finish time of 2hrs (9-10 minute miles).

Advanced Training Plan
– Suitable for those who are training to achieve their personal best time. This plan is designed for regular runners who are aiming to complete the 13.1 mile distance in an impressive finish time of 1hrs 45 (8 minute miles).

NEW! Elite Training Plan
– Suitable for experienced half marathon runners who will be running in with our fastest Xempo Pacers; aiming to complete the race in sub 1hrs 30.

Run Analysis with Synergy Physiotherapy

Synergy Physio are also offering a Free Biomechanical Run Assessment for every entrant.

This video running analysis will provide information on how you can improve running efficiency and specific advice on how you should be running relative to your training.

It is a great tool to understand how to make running feel easier, identify ways to improve performance and/or find out why you keep getting pain or injury when you run.

Please have your confirmation email to hand when booking your assessment.

Book your Biomechanical Run Assessment: Here

If you need advice before starting on your training journey or help you improve your existing training, then feel free to contact us on 01784 605 358 or click here.