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With just a few weeks to go until Surrey’s largest half marathon, now is the time to get your kit organised. We recommend adding the following products to your kit list – all of which are available from our partner run shop: Fitstuff in Guildford.

– FlipBelt

If you manage your own water supply, you will have a more enjoyable and environmentally-considerate running experience.

✅ Drink your desired quantity of water exactly when you need it.
✅ Drink with more ease than vessles supplied at waterstations.
✅ Reduce the event’s carbon-footprint required for transporting water.
✅ Contribute to recuding demand for over 10,000+ plastic bottles.

FlipBelt is a simple, versatile and affordable solution for carrying all of your essentials – such your phone, ID / cards, cash, gels, medical devices, keys (on internally secured hook) and water (in FlipBelt bottles) – whilst running.
Find your perfect FlipBelt colour and fit by trying on in-store at Fitstuff.

The stretchy flat pocket is made from fast wicking, quick drying and machine washable fabric and feautres multiple openings for easy and secure access- with no fastenings or buckles which could break or chaffe
You can wear FlipBelt on or under your clothing – either way it will keep your items stay securely in place without uncomforable boucing.

– AfterShokz earphones

AfterShokz wireless, bone-conducting earphones deliver stereophonic sound to the inner ear – enabling runners to enjoy music whilst still being able to hear everything around them, including traffic. All models operate via Bluetooth connectivity (except Xtrainers which is MP3). Head to Fitstuff Guildford to try before you buy!

🎵 For the best bass, we recommend: AfterShokz Aeropex
👍 For a good all-rounder, we recommend: AfterShokz Trekz Air
🏊 For use during swimming as well, we recommend: AfterShokz Xtrainerz
💰 For an affordable option, we recommend: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

AfterShokz the only earphones to be approved by United Kingdom Atheletics; as the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon is UKA-affiliated event we permit use of these earphones under the conditions that runners use with caution. Emercency service vehicles may operate on the closed-road route so it is imperative that runners remain aware of their surroundings and able to hear instructions from marshals at all times.

– Hilly Socks

Preparation is key when it comes to running – the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon is not the occassion to pull out the first pair of socks you find in your draw! The best way to prevent blisters throughout any running challenge is to ensure that you run in well-fitting trainers paired with quality performance socks – that provide cushioning for the knees, support for the ankles and actively prevent blistering.

🧦 For dual-layer anti-blister properties, we recommend: Hilly Twin-Skin
👍 For a super soft feel, we recommend: Hilly Supreme
❄️ For keeping cool, we recommend: Hilly Lite-Comfort
🦵 For anit-cramping properties, we recommend: Hilly Pulse Compression

Most models of Hilly socks come in varying lengths (above or below the ankle / shoe line) depending on your preference. Compression socks on the other hand should fit tightly below your knee to compress blood vessles throughout the calf muscles. The snug fit forces blood flow through the muscle to help flush lactic acid and minimise cramping.

– Engery Gels

Energy gels are a popular fueling solution amongst endurance athletes. Runners take gels to maintain consistent blood sugar levels when their body’s limited supply of Glycogen begins to deplete – approx. after 1hr+ of exercise. Glycogen depletion is responsible for symptoms commonly described as “hitting the wall”, “lead legs” and “brain fog” part-way through a Half Marathon (or similar). Gels enhance performance and focus by delivering glucose straight into the blood stream – which your body can use as an energy source (in addition to fat – which although is widely available takes longer to convert into usable energy).

For chocoholics, we recommend: GU Chocolate Outrage
For fluid and fruity gels, we recommend: SIS Energy Gels
For a drink-like consistency (aqua gel), we recommend: High5 Engergy
For a natural option, we recommend: Endurance Tap (Maple Syrup)
For an all-round, agreeable option, we recommend Maurten Gels

There are many different varieties of gels to choose from in terms of taste and composition (caffeine / non-caffeinated etc). Although it’s tempting, we strongly recomend that you don’t try any new prodcut on race day – gels included. As your body prioritises blood supply to the muscles actively used whilst running, the lack of blood to your digestive tract makes it more difficult to digest food and liquid – shocking your body with something unfamiliar can sometimes upset your system.

– Oofos Flip Flops

Recovery is key, so don’t forget to plan for it and pack your post-race essentials. One of the first things you’ll want to do – especially if your feet blister or get wet – is to take your shoes and socks off and slide into something a more comfortable… something that makes you go “OOF!”. Oofos footwear is specifically designed to help athletes recover faster; absorbing 37% more shock than other performance shoe foams to relieve your body from the effects of weight-bearing. Oofos come highly recommended amongst Health Professionals too because of the arch support offered by the footbed – an important consideration if you suffer from plantar fasciitis (shin splints) or associated conditions. Head to Fitstuff today to find your perfect pair.

Fitstuff and the organisers of the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon wish you the very best of luck with your final preparations.