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As a participant of the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon, you are able to take advantage of a 30 minute running analysis (RRP £40) with our Injury and Performance Partners: Synergy Physiotherapy. Benefits of the analysis include:

1. Run more easily – running isn’t easy but it can be “less hard” for a lot of people. The more efficient your technique, the less energy you waste and the more comfortable running will feel.

2. Reduce niggling injuries – the way you run can have a significant impact on the way your body deals with the stress of running. A simple aspect of your technique can be the reason why you are getting pains or problems from running.

3. Improve performance – rather than training harder or longer to achieve your PB, what if the solution was simply to make your technique more efficient?


You should mention that you’ve entered the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon when booking over the phone or online, and you will need to show proof of entry to the race to receive the discount. T&Cs and cancellation policy is available on Synergy Physiotherapy’s website.