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Stuart started out as a 4h20 marathon runner, but with plenty of training and persistence, he has managed to get this down to 2h40 over the years. He is currently training for a series of marathons – one of which is for part of his 40th Birthday celebrations! Perhaps not everyone’s idea of a birthday party, but a good excuse to over-indulge afterwards! Stuart’s wife Jennie is also pacing in the Surrey Half this year.
Stephan discovered a love and talent for running through Triathlon. He has been running competitively for about 2 years, and completed his first “and probably last” Ironman last year. He has achieved a Half Marathon PB of 1hr17, but is going for sub-1:15 this year! Stephan is also aiming to run a sub-2hr45 marathon this year and qualify for his GB Age Group team for the European and/or World Championships for the Half Ironman distance.


Nick is a keen runner who has set himself the target of running 3,000 miles this year (!)and so he will be running 15 consecutive marathons as well as pacing the Surrey Half for you! Having completed 2 ultra marathons, 4 marathons and all sorts of other races he is wanting to complete his 1st 100km race soon. Nick has paced for Xempo 3 times already this year, and loves the buzz he gets from “helping people achieve their dream PBs”.
Steve has completed 35 marathons (PB 2.49) and over 200 half marathons (PB 1.16). He has been pacing for the last three years at various half and full marathon distances. He enjoys pacing because “he loves to meet and encourage new runners to achieve their goals”. Steve is looking forward to a great event (and lovely weather) and sharing the things he has learnt from my many years of running with you.


Andy is 46, and has achieved a Half Marathon PB of 1hr:35. He has been running seriously over the last two years (around 5 times per week) after overcoming a long term calf injury. The Surrey Half Marathon will be Andy’s second of 6 Half Marathons this year; he is looking forward to helping any runners get below that 1hr:50 mark.
Rachel describes fitness and sports nutrition as her “passion”. She’s been running for about four years, and has paced a variety of races from 5ks to Half Marathons. She says: “the atmosphere at bigger races like the Surrey Half is incredible, and I really enjoy the sociable nature of pacing!” Rachel loves helping people to reach their goals, and hopes that at the very least she can dispel any of your pre-race nerves. She would very much love for you to come and have a chat at any point in the race!


Vicky has been pacing for over five years for both Xempo and Runners World, and has countless halves across the UK. She achieved a Marathon PB of 3hr45 at one of the 11 marathons she has completed. Vicky has run the London Marathon 3 times!
Stuart’s first race was a 10k in 2009. He loved the feeling afterwards walking around with a medal on and enjoyed pushing himself to get a better time. Over the last 7 years he’s run all kind of races: 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons and obstacle course races which are his favourite. He’s paced a Half Marathon before and described the experience as “a great feeling helping other runners get their PB’s”. At the Surrey Half, Stuart is running at a 2hr finish pace which he thinks “should be a lot of fun as a lot of people will want to break the sub 2hr mark”.


Adrian describes pacing as “one of the most rewarding things I have done”. He has been pacing races for Xempo and RunnersWorld for the last two years. He caught ‘the running bug’ well before he crossed the finish line of what was supposed to be his first and only marathon. He’s now been racing all over the world for 12 years, and has completed 50 marathons and ultras in that time! He says: “It’s great to see Surrey Half supporting Woking & Sam Beare Hospices. For the last year I’ve been living at Great Ormond Street Hospital as my son awaits a heart transplant. It’s great to see how public support and donations can make a difference to those with life limiting conditions.”
Jennie will be crossing the Surrey Half finish line 40 minutes after her husband Stuart, who is also pacing this year. Jennie has already got a PB this year (sub 25 5K), but has much more planned for the rest of the year: including a run through the champagne vineyards complete with champagne water stations! We like her style…


Vicky ran the inaugural Surrey Half in 2014 and is really looking forward to running it again! She started running in my mid-twenties but quickly found a love for it and really enjoys taking part in events that are a little bit different. She runs local 5k parkruns right up to up to ultra-marathon distances, but 10k is her favourite distance. Six months ago she left an office job to become a Personal Trainer and fitness instructor. Being able to help people reach their goals and seeing them improve in ability and confidence gives Vicky a real sense of satisfaction which is why she enjoys pacing so much!



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