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Now that you’re a couple of weeks into your training plan by Synergy Physiotherapy, it’s worth thinking about entering a “practise race”.

It is important to include some “like for like” training to help you best prepare for your big race at the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon. Alongside your regular runs and strength and conditioning work, we suggest entering a race (ideally between November and January) ahead the Mercer Surrey Half in March. Reasons for this include:

– It will help you get used to running in a pack of runners, and will help you learn how to find and maintain “your space” in a race. This skill will prevent you from becoming anxious, stressed or distracted during your race.

– Learn and practise your pace. It’s important to recognise the pace that you can sustain so that you don’t go too hard too early – or not hard enough!
It’s best to practise this pace in a racing environment so that you learn not to become influenced by the pace of other runners around you. Consider the profile of the race where you practise your Mercer Surrey Half race pace – enter a hilly trail run like the Fitstuff G3 Series to work on your stamina – not to practise your pace! Chessington Running Wild or The Hogs Back Road Race are both flat(ish) road races that will provide an ideal opportunity for you to nail your race pace.

– Become familiar with the organisers (that’s us!) so you know what to expect on 11th March.

– Meet other local runners who will also be taking part in the Mercer Surrey Half!


As of Friday 13th October 2017, places for both Chessington Running Wild and The Hogs Back Road Race are very limited, so online registration will be closing in a matter of weeks.

Enter Chessington Running Wild
Enter The Hogs Back Road Race


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Click HERE to download your free half marathon training plan – devised by our injury and performance partners: Synergy Physiotherapy.