Kids Race

The Mercer Surrey Half Marathon Kids’ Race, sponsored by Greenfield School, is one of the UK’s largest kids’ running races for those aged 6 – 16. Starting under the main half-marathon gantry, the Kids’ Race showcases running as a stand-alone sport in a fun and exciting environment.

If you want to inspire your children to want and lead an active lifestyle, the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon Kids Race is a great way to do just that. With hundreds of other children from local schools and clubs taking part, the race serves as a great way to get kids involved in the community whilst having fun with their friends and family. They have the opportunity to make new friends during their warm up.

Every child is clapped and cheered across the main finish line by our thousands of spectators, and will receive a large finisher’s medal which they will treasure for years!

With full road closures in place and a dedicated team of volunteers, the safety of every child is fully addressed and catered for. If your child would prefer to run with you that’s no problem. They can start at the back of the pack with you / their chosen family member. Your child must be registered to race, but there is no need to register their chaperone.

Parents or guardians must remove the Child Collection Tag from their child’s race bib. At the end of the run Volunteer Marshals will compare children’s race bib numbers with the Collection Tag numbers to ensure each child departs with the correct adult.

Event Information