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Surrey Life Magazine’s ‘Chef of the Year’ Steve Drake is running the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon on 11 March 2018. The Michelin star chef entered the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon to get back into running – a hobby which (in his own words) “went out the window” whilst opening his new Restaurant, Sorrel. Steve previously offered some excellent advice on how to keep healthy whilst leading a busy lifestyle. As race day draws closer, Steve shares some top nutritional tips with us…

If you want to join Steve on the start line – Enter HERE before 14 February 2018.

How often are you managing to run at the moment? 

I’m trying to run four times a week with one of those being a longer run. I belong to Guildford and Godalming Athletics Club so I’ll do a track session and then a park run too.

Any favourite routes?

My favourite routes are the North Downs Way and the Downs Link. These days I prefer running off road and managed to find some nice loops around where I live in Surrey Hills which is a really inspiring area to run in.

Do you have a preferred pre-run fuelling?

Scrambled eggs on toast or toast with peanut butter and jam.

What’s your snack of choice when on a long training run/marathon event?

I like Hi-Five gels because they’re not too sickly. If I’m doing a really long run, I like to eat proper food, so sometimes boiled potatoes – savoury and salty – during an Ultra event.

How do you recover after a long run?

Immediately after I like to be totally selfish and do nothing. I always take a change of clothes, put something warm on, and take a recovery shake with electrolytes.

What do you like to eat?

When I get home, I always make sure I have something ready to eat, like a cottage pie or spaghetti bolognaise. I’m often thinking ahead to the next run and how I can help prepare my body to recover as quickly as possible so I can get back to it. I only take a few days off and might do some light jogging and a bit of stretching.

What advice would you give others to aid recovery?

Drink as much liquid as possible – usually water – and have some chocolate like a Snickers. Sip water regularly and walk around a bit or lightly jog. This always helps me to recover in preparation for the next day.

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