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Gain an insight into how your mind works plus tools and “tricks” to get the best out of yourself on race day at this evening session led by local Performance Coach, Bonnie Rasmussen.

Train your mind for the Mercer Surrey Half

27 February 2017


Woking Leisure Centre (Pool in the Park Building).

Tickets £15 each

There is something very fascinating and magical about how our mind works. Sometimes it really elevates us and other times it can well and truly trip us up.

When you gain an understanding of the difference, you can begin to harness the power of your mind to perform better. This session will not only increase your running enjoyment, it will also help you enhance your stamina, focus and determination and enable you to effectively overcome mental hurdles and negative self-talk that may get in you way.

Using a combination of knowledge and techniques from the fields of NLP, Coaching and Neuroscience, you will learn how to prepare well mentally pre-race – and how to run your mind more purposefully on race day.

Mercer Surrey Half runners who have worked with Bonnie in the past have seen great success: “Many thanks for running such a great event….I am absolutely overjoyed with my time, some 17 minutes quicker than I managed last year.” P.C.