We’ll be publishing lots of ideas to help with training towards the Surrey Half Marathon for all standards of athlete; novice to elite. Ensuring that you’re in good form is essential, whether you’re just jogging around or racing to win. Completing the half marathon should be an enjoyable experience so that you’re encouraged to run more and to even inspire your friends and family to join you.

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Tapering advice – Running School Woking

So you’ve done all the hard work, now its time for tapering! Tapering is the 2 or so weeks before the event where you let your body recover from the endless pursuit of miles that you have put it through in the previous months.

Use this time to eat well, sleep well and ensure you are happy with your pre race routine. In this time it is also worth trying to avoid coming into contact with people who have colds, flu and other bugs, as the last thing you want is to wake up not feeling 100%.

Don’t be tempted to try one last long run, there is no set formula to how much you should train in these final 2 weeks but a good rule of thumb is around a 50% volume of your hardest week in the first of your 2 tapering weeks and around 25% in the 7 days preceding the event, with low intensity shorter runs dominating.

Eat a good high carbohydrate meal for the 2 evenings before the 1/2 marathon and a hearty but easily digestible (and previously practiced) breakfast on the morning of the Surrey Half Marathon.

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Training plans – Running School Woking

3 great training plans are ready for download and prepared by The Running School Woking

The Running School Woking are currently promoting their half day Master Class on 7 December

1hr 45mins Download

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Mile Marc

Our warm up guy and member of local run club Guildford & Godalming AC, Mile Marc, also offers customised training plans for 10kms, half marathons and marathons.

Mile Marc

Run Groups and Clubs

There are many clubs around the Guildford and Woking area, often offering free, fun and casual run groups

St Johns on the Ley run group

Guildford & Godalming AC

Park Run – Guildford. 5km run every Saturday

Run School – Woking. Every Wednesday 18:30

Fitstuff Run Club - Guildford. Every Wednesday 18:30

Cruisers Run Club – Woking. Every Tuesday 19:00

Body Tuning

Red Hot Yoga are offering a complete range of yoga to keep you fit and healthy in body and mind

Run technique and style are all important to avoid injury and maximise energy efficiency. The Running School Woking can help you.