The Mercer Surrey Half Marathon is proudly affiliated with United Kingdom Athletics (UKA), and offers a generous cash-only prize list in accordance with UKA Rules of Competition.

Mercer Surrey Half Marathon course record:

Sammy Nyokaye of Team RunFast in 01:02:41 (2015)

The following prizes are open to all competing athletes:

Men Women
1st Place – £300 1st Place – £300
2nd Place – £100 2nd Place – £100
3rd Place – £50 3rd Place – £50

The following prizes are reserved for athletes of UK heritage, with a valid UKA membership number entered at registration:

UKA Men UKA Women
1st Place – £200 1st Place – £200

The following prizes are available for the 5k winners:

Men Women
1st Place – £50 1st Place – £50

Prize Giving takes place at 10:45am on Race Day at the podium.

Athletes are not eligible to receive multiple prizes. For example, if the first British lady to finish also happens to be the third lady overall, she is entitled to one prize only – the prize of greater value.

Our official results may provide more details of your performance based on your age category. The official results table should not be used by participants as an indication of “prize eligibility”. The prizes offered are for the categories listed above only.

Prizes will be awarded on the official ‘gun times’ in accordance with UKA Rules of Competition.

UK Athletics road races are competitive races (rather than time trials), therefore competition results, prizes and course records are awarded according to “gun time”. The clock starts the moment that the start gun, horn etc is sounded.

The chip time starts the moment the runner crosses the start line, and measures the time a runner takes to run the actual race distance until he/she cross the finish line. This is the result most people quote when asked for personal best times